Ambition Ipswich

Head of Finance and Revenues (S151 Officer)

Enjoy broader scope thanks to our ambitious growth plans

One of England's fastest growing regional centres, Ipswich is ambitious - and investing in the future. Right now, we're busy developing land, homes and partnerships to help our borough achieve its potential. It is a forward-looking programme with exciting opportunities for our well-structured team. As Head of Finance and Revenues (and S151 officer), you will ensure that our financial strategy matches our ambition. Integral to our future, your ideas and influence will go far beyond Finance.

A skilled accountant and strategic thinker, you will be equipped to manage a range of vital functions: Finance Operations, ICT and Customer Service. Good governance is key along with better cost efficiency - particularly in the case of Customer Services. You will also be responsible for our Shared Revenues Partnership providing revenues and benefits services to three councils. At the same time, you will be leading projects and programmes to further our Corporate Plan. Innovation is not just welcome - it is actively encouraged.

With a track record of achievement (probably) in local government finance, you will be credible, experienced and able to make things happen. Your expertise goes beyond standard finance management. You can lead corporate projects and drive strategic thinking. With these talents, you will win you the trust of partners and senior figures. A good listener and adviser, you can apply commercial acumen. You also bring membership of a relevant professional body - meeting the statutory criteria for S151 officer.

Join us, and enjoy great quality of life, an exciting career and the chance to shape the future.

View the Head of Finance and Revenues (S151 Officer) application pack.